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Play Any Song All The Time

With a massive database that's always available, ShiraLi is the premium destination for all your Jewish music. The one stop shop to listen to all your favorite artists, playing all your favorite songs.
Discovering new artists has never been easier.


Playlists For All Occasions

Playlists for waking up. Playlists for going to sleep. ShiraLi has a playlist for every occasion. Want to go to the gym and need some pumping Jewish music? Need a good shabbos warm up?
Yup, you guessed it, ShiraLi is your answer.


Customize your experience

ShiraLi takes your restrictions very seriously. Although we might offer a vast range of different types of jewish music, with ShiraLi it is all customizable. Don't like listening to acapella music? No problem. Just go into your settings, click on the filter out option, choose your desired filter out genre and voilá.


The world's most famous and popular language is music

I’m in love with this app!! Streaming Jewish music at your fingertips has never been so easy. I was working today in my office and it started playing songs of the early 80’s music that evokes nostalgic memories of my youth. I love the fact that it recommends all different songs based on what you were listening in the the past so you don’t go over the same few songs. 
— Yanky Silberman - App User since 2018

What we are currently listening to in our office!


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